About this tool

How it all began

Initially introduced to the game by a friend (who keeps also playing it, but more on and off) back in fall 2011, I have become a regular player. After a few trials, I managed to get my airline on a steady growth path until I had a nice, medium sized airline flying the world.
Since I love traveling myself and always liked geography I highly appreciated a similar tool created by another fellow player. (Un)fortunately he stopped updating his tool and I got somehow frustrated enough that I decided to create my own little route map. Realizing that it is appreciated by others, I made it public.
For quite some time, I neglected my airline letting it continue to fly, but hardly made any changes to it. Similarily I didn't make any updates to this route map tool.
Somehow recently I started to push again on my airline and am now comfortably in the top 20 in Idlewild, aiming for the top 10. As the airports become fuller and fuller, the network bigger and the flights more frequent, I also needed some additional information and tools on how and where to grow the network. Having seen the AS Live Traffic tool created by Chris, I felt ashame of my poor layout and decided to completely update my site. For that, I also registered it's proper domain. So here we are now with a nicer layout and various map options.
Please feel free to leave me any comments or requests for new functionality.

Updated 23.03.2014 20:06:00