Possible Routes for a NMA

The NMA (new midsize airplane), a proposed new aircraft from Boeing, should cover the gap between the current offering in their product line. The potential market is a widely discussed topic. When I read this article and saw the map with the markets, I was curious as to how many potential routes would be available to cover that NMA and created this page to visualize them.
Feel free to play with the parameters to visualize different variants. Let me know below what you think about it and which variant you believe is the most realistic.

There are 1.094 routes between airports the size and (on a scale from 4 to 10) which are between km to km apart. Enter an airport (IATA code) to see only the routes from that hub. Or leave the field blank.  

These values are based on a database of airports that I had. The airports were classified to sizes between 1 and 10. This classification is probably not 100% up to date yet it still provides an indication as to the volume of potential routes.
I would believe that the NMA should cover distances between 5,000 km and 9,260 km (up to 5,000 nm as per Boeing) and should cover airports between size 8 (like SAN, YVR, TXL, MXP or KIX) and 9 (MSP, SEA, GRU, MEL, BOM, SVO or ORY). If airports are bigger, the demand is probably big enough for existing widebodies, smaller airports might not warrant a direct flight.

You can click on a route or an airport marker (Show/hide them with the blue airplane selector at the bottom left).

Below you will find a chord-graph visualizing the relationships between the different continents/countries of the routes above. Hover over the countries to highlight the connections.

Could this be a possible NMA? It is 8-abreast, although the majority seems to assume a 7-abreast. And the oval fuselage will certainly require some engineering tricks, but it could keep drag low.

Possible NMA concept?

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