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Find a suitable airport from a total of 4,775 airports in 196 countries.

Find possible airports

The following map will help you to find an airport to start your airline. This is a heat map that shows the airports that match your search criteria. The more free slots available, the darker the color.

Select the size of airports to display to find the exact spot to place your hub. As this website relies on the data we have and less so than what is actually on the game world. So the exact values can differ a bit, but in general should be quite acurate.

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Find places to start

This is not a map, but just a list of countries with their slot availability

It lists the sum of all slots available (capacity) and the still free slots per world and country which match your search criteria. As domestic traffic is always easier to get than international, you preferably want to start in a market with a certain home market.

This page will help you to identify your prefered country and in which world(s) you will find it.

Minimum airport size:

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Find the best hub

This is not a map, but just a list of airports to show the best locations to start a hub

It lists the airports and shows a weight of how ideal the airport is located and adjusted for the free slots.

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