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MX cost penaltyYou can operate three different maintenance categories at the base cost. If you operate more than three different maintenance categories, each additional category will incure a surcharge of 15% for all aircraft in your airline.
Route RestrictionsRoute restriction rules were introduced some time ago in order to avoid slot blocking on large airports. That means, certain small aircraft are not allowed to fly between very large airports as the demand between those is generally large enough to justify bigger aircraft. You will find a route restriction table on the aircraft page and it shows a matrix of 0 to 10 refering to the airport sizes. If you want to fly between a 8 bar airport and a 9 bar airport, check the matrix for a green tick mark or a red cross to see whether that aircraft is allowed to fly that mission or not.

AS Aircraft Route Restrictions

Traffic RightsBy 'Traffic Rights' we mean the rules which determine whether you can fly passengers between two destinations; at their most basic, your rights to serve a particular market are determined by the country in which your holding's home base is located in. For example, a holding based in Manila will pass on to its daughter enterprises the right to fly domestically between anywhere in the Phillippines, but will not be allowed to fly domestically in China.