Keeping your staff happy

Happy staff

As in real life, happy staff is doing a better job and this will reflect on the image of your company. The mood of your employees will directly affect your company image. Make sure your company image is as high as possible and you will get a better ORS rating.

If you pay your employees less than the country average, the staff will get angry. If you pay them more, their mood will get better.

There are short-cuts on how to get a high rating, but you'll have to figure out how to achieve that.

Please note, if your staff has an all red mood, it can take a VERY LONG time to get it turn better. I had one case where I bought a company and the staff mood was all red. It took almost a full year of paying my staff the maximum amount before it would slowly improve. So be patient, if you have underpaid them for a long time.