Online Reservation System


The ORS is your best friend in the game, as it determines how many passengers you will get. You should pay close attention to your rating and make sure it is as high as possible. Or at least better than your competition if you don't want to fly empty.

Once you plan a flight and have it activated, the system will schedule flights according to your flight plan. If a flight arrives within 72 hours of the current time, it will show up in the ORS when you search for it. The ORS will also list all other flights or possible connections between the airport pair you selected. 

In the above example I have queried the route between Helsinki and Tallinn. Select the airport pair and other filters on the left and search for connections. The right hand part of the window will then list all the flights in the system. Flights with better rating will be listed first. Flights with equal rating will be sorted by departure time.

The higher up your flight is on this search, the more passengers will book your flight. There are two ratings show with green bars. The lower rating is the relevant rating and you can see your "score" if you over the mouse over the green bar. The maximum you can achieve is 100, while 99 is already a very good one.

If your rating is below 0 then normally no passengers will book your flight. They rather stay home than fly with such a bad rating.

Direct fligths can get a maximum rating of 100. Turbo props fly slower and the aircraft are less popular, so the maximum rating of these aircraft is slightly less.

Connecting flights have a maximum rating of 65 (or something in that region). While a direct flight has a better rating, there is also the number of flights between an airport pair that determines the passenger bookings. The higher the frequency, the more choice you offer your clients and the better the offering. So big airlines with many flights do have an advantage over small airlines with only a single flight a day, even if your rating is better.

How to influence the rating?

Which factors do influence the ORS rating? You can check that on the flight rating page. Go to Fleet Management, click the white Flights icon on the right hand side of your aircraft. There's a blue triangle at the right hand side of each flight. Follow this link to see the costing page. There is a second tab with the flight rating information shown below. Yes, I know. it's quite hidden...

The rating is split up by classes and then shows all the factors that influence your overall rating. Check if there are any outliers or even red factors and try to improve them in order to get a better rating.

Sorry, the mouse over does not reveal the actual value behind the green bars. You just have to estimate the and go with the number of green bars.