An introduction into AirlineSim

A conscise guide to the most realistic airline simulation on the internet

Table of contents

The Wiki is quite old and in many cases outdated. There are quite a few blogs on how to master this game, but none is really exhaustive and not always in a consistent format. As I have played now for quite a few years and succeeded (mostly thanks to a great mentor) with a few airlines, I thought it is about time to help a few newbies to get into the game.

The plan is to get describe on how to get from zero to hero, or better from finding the right spot to start to mastering the game. Although I don’t intend to give away the winning formula, that is for you to find out. But I am sure I can give you a bunch of tips on how to master some of the rough edges of the game.

I plan to have the following chapters. Read from the beginning to the end, or just jump to a topic of your choice. Each topic should cover the basics of that subject without much knowledge of the previous chapters, although some linear dependency can’t be denied.

Let me know if you want to read about something else or if a chapter is missing.

By the way, as part of writing this tutorial, I created an airline on Ellinikon and grew it to its current size. Have a look at it to see its current status.