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Latest Airport Updates

The latest updates of the airports have been reflected in my database. New airports plus the other changes should be up to date now. Let me know if there are some errors or missing data

Updated 21.12.2020 21:35:02

TLS1.2 Standard

It seems that Airlinesim has increased their security settings on the Domination (and possibly some other worlds) to require a minimum of TLS1.2 as a standard to access their site. Unfortunately it seems that my server with the old code base is struggling with that standard and can't access the pages anymore. As a consequence, the update of the flight plan no longer works. I am still looking for a solution to that, but for the time being, I fear the update on those world will no longer work.

Updated 09.12.2020 13:33:09

Short term problem

There was a problem since yesterday or so when the table with the flight numbers has outgrown its key field capacity of some 2.1 billions. Thanks for the notifications. After changing the field type, the table should now have plenty of room to grow.

Updated 08.12.2020 20:51:55

Future of AS Route Map

This time I have possibly some bad news. It seems the success of this website might also lead to its end. How could that be you might ask.

When I started to develop this basic functionality, the Google Maps API was free of charge and you could use it unlimited. Some time ago, Google started to end the free use and started to charge for the use of their API. Luckily, they did give out a free monthly credit of USD 200 for low volume sites. Up until now, we have operated well in that limit.

Unfortunately I got just notified, that for the first time I did get charged for the usage of the API because it exceeded the free quota given. The actual amount charged this time isn't something dramatic. While the server itself costs money, and the domain name, these are all minimal or sunk costs that I have anyway. Unfortunately, if I should pay something on a regular basis to run this website, then I will have to shut it down or restrict access to it in a way that will keep the level below the free usage threshold.

While I was looking into moving the whole site away from the Google API previously, I figured it would take way too much effort. And given that I hardly play the game anymore, my motivation to do so is also quite minimal, as I basically don't use the site anymore myself.

I know that I have bothered you with ad banners for quite some time. Initially, it was a project to learn and I wanted to see if it could actually help to contribute to the cost of the site. It definitely can't, as I got around USD 100 per year from this. I should have removed those ads long time ago, but was a bit lazy, so apologies for that.

I won't shut it down immediately, but be prepared that this might happen if in the coming months I will exceed the quota on a regular basis.

Updated 31.05.2020 17:35:49


And yet there's another update ready to be released.

We can now show you some of the latest statistics of your favorite world.

While I still have to manually import the data on a weekly basis, the graphs are fully automated and let you compare the numbers with another week of your choice. I would hope, that over time the comparisons become a little more meaningful, so be patient and come back later.

Updated 12.12.2017 14:25:22

How to find your place to start

It is always tricky to find the right place to start your new airline. Now no more!

The new start page will help you find your dream spot in no time.

Either check the list of worlds and countries with the most free slots or if you prefer, check the heat map to find a hot place with many empty slots to begin your world dominance.

Updated 30.11.2017 23:34:45

Improved Hub Waves view

Although I prepared the Excel-File mentioned below it kept nagging on me that this is not really a nice visualization. So I was working again and have now come up with a new solution.

The new solution is built right into this website and very easy to use. When you have your routmap displayed, simply show your destinations. Then click on any destination and a new window will show you the departures (blue color) and arrivals (red color) per 15 minute interval from 00:00 to 23:59. You might have to refresh the browser (press F5) in case the link doesn't work.

Let me know in the AS Forum how you like it or if you have any questions.

Updated 31.03.2017 11:40:50

Visualized Hub Waves

After reading a question on the forum, I felt intrigued and created the following Excel-Spreadsheet. It will allow you to visualize your flights from a specific hub. Export the flight plan from your route map, replace the flight plan in the Excel sheet. Sort the flights in any way you like and then type in an iata-code for the hub you want to see.

You can downlaod the Excel-File and try it yourself.

Let me know how you like it or if you have any questions in the AS Forum.

Updated 05.08.2016 12:08:06

Updated RouteMap

After a long time, I finally found some time to do a little update on the RouteMap site.

The route map is now completely redone and should be much easier to navigate and allow for more flexibility. The following new features are available:

  • You can select elements individually to be displayed or not. You can turn on or off the actual routemap, the plane's positions, the distance circles and the destinations. Also all AS airports can be turned on or off depending on their size (both for Pax and Cargo separately).
  • It is possible to also visualize your aircraft's position, and they even update every 30 seconds. Most aircraft types show their real shape and relative sizes. If your specific type is missing, please let me know and I can try to include it. If you have a graph with the shape (top view), then please post it here so I can easily integrate it.
  • You can display a second (or as many as you want) airline on top of your existing route map.
  • It is possible to define the colors for the routemap, one for your own pax routes, for cargo routes and a separate color for your additional airline routes
  • You can display the routes flown of a defined airport. This includes all flights known to my site.

Oh, and upon a request, I have also included a donate link in case you feel contributing something to my server costs.

Looking forward to your comments or suggestions.


Updated 27.02.2016 18:16:39

Search airports within a range

Upon request I have added an additional search form.

It is now possible to display a list of airports that are within a given range from a specific airport. Simply define your hub airport, enter the range in kilometers and define what size of airports should be shown. You will then get a list of all airports that fall in that range and size selected.

Updated 13.10.2015 13:34:50

Site migrated

Ok, so the site has been migrated to the new server and should be completely up and running. The DNS entries have ben updated now and depending on your providers configuration, you might end up within the next few hours on the new machine. If you want to force it on the new machine, replace the www with new.

The speed of the new server is quite a big improvement. Even big airlines with 8,000+ fligths load within a few seconds. Also the import is considerably faster, although the loading of the flight plan still seems to take a few seconds. This might be a limitation of the old ASPTear plugin that is in the years and only runs in 32 bit.

Please let me know of any problems or things that don't work. It's best if you drop a note in the AS Forum.

Updated 07.08.2015 16:58:54

New Tool

While it is completely unrelated to AirlineSim and the Route Map, I though you might be interested in this.

I just came across a new tool that takes over the tedious task of scheduling meetings. I'm sure you experienced the annoying mails that you keep sending back and forth to find a suitable time. Let "Amy" do that for you...

I'm still waiting to get into the beta group, so I can't yet say how well it works. But with your help I might get a spot a bit earlier... Go and check it out!!

Updated 07.08.2015 10:32:09

New Server

As the existing server has come of age and especially recently showed some serious signs of weakness and slow behavior, I have decided to migrate the whole box to a new machine. The new server, which is several times faster than the existing one, has been installed yesterday evening.

As a first simple measure, I have migrated the AS Route Map database to the new server. This should increase the load times considerably, though the update is probably slightly slower, as the writing of the flight plan is done flight by flight over the internet. I believe, the benefit with the fast load times should make up for that. In the next one or two weeks I will also migrate the website to the new machine and then things should speed up considerably. So stay tuned for a whole new experience.

There might have been one or two updates missing during the migration of the database. So please excuse and reload your flight plans once again.

Updated 06.08.2015 09:40:01

Current Aircraft Position

I just added a function that displays the current position of your aircraft, if it is inflight. You probably have to updated your airline to make sure it is properly working.

The icon is still somewhat offset to the right (instead of being directly on the route) and it does not update itself, it will show the moment during the page was loaded.

If you have svg-icons for specific aircraft types, please let me know so that I can make the icons dependent on the aircraft type.

Updated 14.01.2015 15:47:24

Flight Plan Export Page

I have just added a Flight Plan export page. With this, you can export your flight plan into a .csv file and import it for easy analysis in Excel. Access the page through your RouteMap page by clicking on the menu button and select export. Save the whole page into a file and make sure you have a .csv ending.

Open this file in Excel and you should have the full flight plan in Excel for easy analysis.

Updated 02.01.2015 15:17:58